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Travel Safety

When a person is traveling they may be focused on having fun and having experiences to remember.

safety in mind

When a person travels they also need to keep safety in mind. These are some tips for staying safe when traveling.

When traveling it is better to use credit cards than a debit card. If the bank was not told that a person was traveling they may shut the card off. Credit cards also offer additional security. If the card gets lost or stolen a person can call and have the card shut off. They will not lose access to their money.

Debit cards

Debit cards are tired bank accounts. If the card is stolen this can mean a lot of trouble and a person can lose all their money.


Credit cards have fraud protection. If the card is stolen many companies will not make the cardholder responsible for these purchases.


A person should have a digital copy of important information such as their ID, passport, and other items that they need.



If the real documents get lost or stolen a person will still have access to their important documents.


If a person is traveling abroad and they lose their passport this can be big trouble. A digital copy is a great backup.

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