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Pros and Cons of Group Travel

Group travel is ideal for people who for whatever reason, don’t want to travel independently.

Group travel has both advantages and disadvantages

  • Everything is organized by someone else – the itinerary, accommodation, actual travel from place to place, special visits to places of interest, food, insurance – an entire package is all put together for you.
  • You have company on hand – and that can be especially enjoyable if you are travelling alone. Not only do you feel safer, but you have people to share your experiences and enjoyment with.
  • You have a courier on hand to help you if anything goes wrong – for example, if you fall ill.
  • Many group travel companies have years of experience, so you know that you are staying at the best places, seeing the most interesting sights, and eating the nicest food.


It may be that you have a yearning to visit, say, Italy. If you are single, or older traveller,

Good plan

It can be a good plan to take a group travel trip first, and then return another time to explore the places that you liked the most,


Group travel is also excellent if you have a special interest. For example, you may love ancient history.


Travel trip

A guided group travel trip may be accompanied by an expert lecturer to give you a real sense of Rome, or of Greece, or of Istanbul.


There are disadvantages too, of course. You may not like the group of people that you are travelling with.

The most affordable price

The trip may go at a pace that is too fast for you,

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