Lose Weight with the Weight Watchers Diet

Let’s face a fact of life: losing weight is HARD. A lot of people have dreams of having a fit and lean physique. They try a lot of fad diets that promises them that they can lose a lot of weight and finally achieve this dream figure. But alas, they failed just a few days after trying out that program.

Why is this so? Why do some people revert back to their old, harmful, and destructive habits such as overeating? There are a lot of possible explanations, but one of the most common is that people do not get that much support when they’re trying to lose weight.

This is a sad truth that a lot of dieters face. weight-watchers-dietOnly a few people find the inner motivation to stick with a certain diet and achieve their dream physique. But, what about the vast majority of us?

Jean Nidetch, a housewife who was overweight, did a couple of different diets as well. And, one day, she had an epiphany: if only she can get enough support to continue with the diet, she might just as well finish it until she gets to her desired weight goal.

And thus, the Weight Watchers Community was born. The Weight Watchers club is a community of people who provides support to people who want to lose weight. They hold seminars and meetings, doing talks about nutrition and programs about good health and dieting.

Why have the Weight Watchers grown to have success over the years? It is a common fact that people need constant positive reinforcement to go and stick with their diets. Dieting usually means giving up your old self-indulgent habits of overeating, and this can be a problem for a lot of people.

Since it can become quite a job just sticking to a certain diet, the Weight Watchers community encourages people, giving them the motivation to lose weight. It is also believed that people who don’t have diet support groups tend to be more stressed, and they are quickly reverting back to their old unhealthy eating habits because of it.

Weight Watchers really do not have a specific diet program, but they do give lectures on the proper foods you should eat. Some examples of foods that you eat are natural foods. In today’s world, there are a lot of processed foods out in the market, and it is extremely dangerous if you continually eat these processed foods without any restriction.

The Weight Watchers community also employs a point system, wherein, foods are assigned points. Fiber-rich, low-fat foods have higher points, and thus, people can eat a lot of these foods.

Here is the typical Weight Watcher’s Point System table:

  • Weight 150 lbs – points 18 to 23
  • Weight 150 to 174 lbs – points 20 to 25
  • Weight 175 to 199 lbs – points 22 to 27
  • Weight 200 to 224 lbs – points 24 to 29
  • Weight 225 to 249 lbs – points 26 to 31
  • Weight 250 to 274 lbs – points 28 to 33

The primary goal of the community is for you to achieve your target weight goal, and stay at that. When you do hit your target goal, you’ll have a few perks such as free attendance to their meetings and lectures.

The weight watchers community is a great community for people who want to lose weight.