Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS has a lot of surprisingly good games. Today, we are going to talk about a popular game from the console and is considered to be one of the top-grossing Nintendo DS games of all time.

The game I am referring to is none other than Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS.

This game is a turn-based, strategy RPG that takes place in a futuristic world. You will control tanks, infantry, and vehicles during the course of the story.

Speaking of the story, the Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS focuses on two main characters, Jake and Rachel. Rachel is Jake’s advisor and she will help Jake in whatever he plans to do.

The main antagonist of Advance Wars: Dual Strike is none other than Von Bolt. Von Bolt is the new commander of the Black Hole Army. Von Bolt is keen on making himself immortal that is why he sucks all of Omega land’s energy.

This energy is also used to create Von Bolt’s secret ace in the war: the Oozium 238. This is a strange slime-based monster that does nothing but devours everything in its path.

Von Bolt is also accompanied by other NPCs such as Jugger, Kindle, and Koal. Alongside the new trio is the original cast of the Black Hole Army: Hawke and Lash. Hawke had a change of heart when he saw Von Bolt sucking up the energy of the land to make him immortal and to create the Oozium 238.

Hawke went to Jake to provide classified intel to help them combat Von Bolt and stop the Oozium 238. After Hawke provided the intel, Jake and his team amassed their armies in the Crimson Sea and Von Bolt and his Black Hole army were there.

A huge battle ensued that ultimately killed Von Bolt. Unfortunately, the Oozium 238 got stronger and became the Grand Bolt. Hawke and Jake joined their armies together to beat the slimy menace and the world has enjoyed a newfound peace.

As for the gameplay, it is pretty much like any other strategy RPG. The Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS utilizes both screens of the console in that the bottom screen shows the main battleground while the top screen displays the overall terrain and unit intelligence.

There are 2 newly added game modes in Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS. The first game mode is the survival mode where you are subjected to an infinite battleground. If you want to finish a game using the survival game mode, you have to accomplish different objectives as opposed to finishing the game the normal way.

The other new game mode is the Combat mode. In this mode, there are no more waiting times for your units to move. You basically have to move them strategically in order to win. There are six levels to complete, each having their own unique objectives.

The Advance Wars: Dual Strike Game for the Nintendo DS is a really great strategy RPG game for the Nintendo DS. If you want to play a futuristic style army game that requires a bit of a strategy to win, you must try this game out.

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