Niantic Will Start Banning Pokemon Go Players Who Use GPS Spoofing

Pokemon Go is a great game not because of its lineup of Pokemon for you to catch but it encourages you and your friends to go out to the world and try to catch them all.

Unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of games, there are people who are willing to use exploits and cheating applications to help them get their way with some of the game’s mechanics.

One of the most detrimental things that a Pokemon Go player can do is using GPS Spoofing. For those of you who do not know, GPS Spoofing is a term describing the use of certain applications that makes the original program, in this case, Pokemon Go, to think that you’re doing the game’s core mechanics.

For example, if you spot a Pokestop near your area and you’re too lazy to get off your ass and walk your way there, you can just use GPU spoofing to trick the game that you’re already on that particular Pokestop’s location.

Then, after it is done, you can just tap the Pokestop; all without breaking a sweat. Even though this is “harmless” to some, it is not for the majority of legitimate players.

Because of this, Niantic issued a statement that for people who are found using GPS Spoofing, they can kiss their accounts goodbye as they will permanently be banned from playing the game.

This is in line with Niantic’s recent move to shut down any third-party tracking websites. That is because these kinds of websites scrape data off the servers; taxing them way too much and they are the reason why gamers experience connectivity issues.

Also, Niantic is serious about their campaign against the use of any cheating application. If found out (either by investigation or if people report the said cheater), your account will be permanently banned.

The entire scope of their anti-cheating campaign spans from the use of applications or software that can falsify your location (GPS Spoofing), the use of third-party programs like Emulators and other unofficial programs not supported by Niantic, and the use of unauthorized tracking websites. Their anti-cheating campaign also includes people who are abusing the game’s exploits like putting a Pokemon egg in a Pokemon Gym, for example.

Now, I want to talk about the use of GPS spoofing again. The use of GPS Spoofing is detrimental to both the community of Pokemon Go players and the game itself.

For one, legitimate players will feel left out because of the fact that some people just cheat their way into acquiring things.

Secondly, the game developers may have a hard time with these supposed cheaters as they can really destroy the integrity of the game.

But, I do love the fact that Niantic is serious about their campaign against cheating. I mean, Pokemon Go is a fun game and its core mechanics not only provides you with an enjoyable gaming experience; it also provides an avenue for you to go out there, exercise, and catch Pokemon!

So for people who do not want to read the entire article; basically, the main idea of this article is to never cheat in Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is created by Niantic Studios and is published by Nintendo.